Lightning Datatable is one of the more powerful base Lightning Web Components. This component allows developer to display multiple rows of objects with dynamically formatted columns for a variety of data types. The supported data types are: action, boolean, button, button-icon, currency, date, date-local, email, location, number, percent, phone, text, and url. The data type that we are most interested in is action.

Lightning Datatable’s action column allows a developer to specify a list of actions which are available for the user to select.

This is great for most use cases, but the actions are defined as a constant, which means that every row must share the same actions.

After scouring Salesforce’s existing documentation and forum posts from all corners of the internet, I could not locate any information about how to define dynamic actions at the row level. I would like to offer a big shout out to Jeff Cook (@jet89cook) for helping me to discover a solution to this problem.

Define a Datatable

This should look familiar as it’s almost identical to the examples in Salesforce’s documentation.

  <div class="slds-box slds-theme_default">

Define your Columns

This is where the magic happens. We must define the typeAttributes property of the action column to achieve the desired functionality.

columns = [
    label: "Name",
    fieldName: "name",
    label: "Profession",
    fieldName: "profession",
    type: "action",
    typeAttributes: {
      rowActions: { fieldName: "rowActions" },

Define your Data

We need to make sure that every element of our data has an array called “rowActions” which stores the dynamic actions.

const USE_LIGHTSABER = "Use Lightsaber";
const MIND_TRICK = "Mind Trick";

export default function getData() {
  return [
      name: "Luke Skywalker",
      profession: "Jedi Knight",
      rowActions: [
          label: USE_LIGHTSABER,
          name: USE_LIGHTSABER,
          label: MIND_TRICK,
          name: MIND_TRICK,
    //more data

Put it all Together

Once everything else is all wired together, we can see that every row has dynamic actions as we have defined.


Unfortunately there is one minor limitation to this implementation. If a row has no actions, the drop-down arrow will still show and clicking it will display an empty list. It would be nice if this was not the case, but I have not discovered any way to hide the action arrow.

Please feel free share this with any Salesforce Developers you know who might face this issue. For more details and information, please check out the project repository located here. Thank you!