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I’m Mitch Spano, the mind and keystrokes behind www.mitchspano.com. By day, I spend a lot of time hacking away at Salesforce and studying Artificial Intelligence. I enjoy discovering best practices and techniques previously unknown. By night (and sometimes, well into the wee hours), I chronicle my adventures and revelations in the realm of development on this very blog.

🚀 My Journey

Over a decade ago, I embarked on a quest to master the technology behind this little-known platform called Salesforce. A couple years after I began my career, I began the pursuit of further eduction - earning a Masters of Science in Software Engineering from the University of Minnesota. Fast forward to today and I have had the privilege of shaping CRM journeys for organizations worldwide - leading some of the best engineering teams at some of the most world renowned technology companies. I have also returned back to graduate school to pursue a second masters degree; this time in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Texas.

Through this blog, I share this collection of knowledge, offering tutorials, thoughts, and practices that might accelerate growth for fellow developers and thinkers.

💡 Why?

Because learning to become a great engineer in the CRM ecosystem is a challenge. There are plenty of basic tutorials out there, but there are very few resources for people trying to become masters of the CRM engineering craft. This blog is my way of contributing to the community, ensuring that whether you’re a seasoned architect or a curious newcomer, you have a compass in this interesting digital landscape.

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